Is Architecture for You ? Before we proceed to any undertaking – may it be opening a business, taking up another course, or moving to a new house – giving careful consideration on these processes is always a must. One scenario is when students take up their favored courses and end up regretting after that because of low employment level after graduation, read more about employment level at Hence, if you think about taking up Architecture in the future, think again. And while you contemplate about it, take a look at these basic facts about Architecture.

It’s not just about the skills, but also about your passion.

Determining if you have the passion for the course is a very important move. Passion drives you to what you do best and this is a value that you should never underestimate. It makes people bond together while it also breaks up relationship. See if you have the passion to work for long hours with little pay or sometimes delayed pay. See if you have the passion to meet very meticulous people that oftentimes change your ideas because they have their own. Yes, take note that the clients who always deal with architectural projects are those who invest in multi-million commercial, residential and industrial projects. Best of all; see if you have the passion to undertake lengthy processes including schooling and training before getting your license.

Are you willing to spend longer hours for a demanding work with lower amount of payment?

A lot of licensed architects have been complaining about their recent pay. Although a number of them are receiving roughly $45,000 per half of the year, such pay may not compensate the pressures they went through to meet deadlines, approach big projects, and allocate longer hours for every assignment. There are a lot of other professionals who made similar struggles to attain their license, but are enjoying better compensation packages.

Architectural projects are highly dependent on the country’s economy.

Face the fact that if your country is not doing great, you might also have rarer assignments and lower number of bigger projects. You might think of migrating and working in other country for work, but this requires sacrifice being away from your family. Nevertheless, you can meet different people, expand your opportunities, and most likely found a good place to settle.

Architecture is a very dynamic field. Are you ready to work under pressure and to adapt to different kinds of environment without losing an inch of enthusiasm?

Architecture requires quick thinking, wits, and constant flexibility. This field requires you to go with the trend, especially in the ever changing form of technology in the planet. Therefore, you should never quite learning if you want to succeed in this field.